Blanket the City

Join us and have fun, learn a new skill, and help the needy in Johnstown.


With today's hectic lives, it's difficult to find time to spend with your friends or to make new ones! Blanket the City gives you a chance to meet others and connect with them in a way that you may not be able to do in the few minutes before or after the worship service.  It's also a great way to introduce your non-church-going friends to your church friends. As we're working, we chat, laugh, and share what's on our hearts. There's no Bible study (although we might quote a verse or two), no requirement to pray aloud (although we'd be glad to pray for you!) - nothing that should intimidate you or your friend (except maybe the needlework!).

Our varied projects allow us to demonstrate or just practice our skills as well as learn new ones. It seems that we've lost that time of learning from other women (moms, Grandmoms) - either because they are far away or because we just don't have the time.  When was the last time you attended a quilting bee? Don't worry if you can't crochet, quilt, or sew. We have projects and ideas for all levels!

Our group grew out of a time when we were studying a book, The Hole in Our Gospel (by Richard Stearns) that challenged us to make our faith and our outreach practical. Our first project was to create blankets, afghans, throws, shawls - items that encircle us and provide comfort from the cold. These symbols of God's enfolding love were crocheted, sewn, and just tied. We gave each and every one to various ministries in Johnstown - the mission, the fire department, the Salvation Army.  That project gave us the name of our group - Blanket the City.

We have multiple projects at any time. We've got hats, scarves, sweaters, etc. in our closet waiting to be shared with those in need. Our biggest project right now is making hats and scarves for the Salvation Army. If you have an idea for a project or a skill that you want to teach OR you want to learn, just let us know and join us. If you have a need for a particular item, please contact us via the church office and we will work with you to get you what you need.



Every second Satuday of each month

Church Conference Room
100 Arbutus Ave
Johnstown, PA 15904

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